A few years ago, we spent a week living with Inuit (Canadian Eskimos) outside Baker Lake, Nunavut, near the geographical center of Canada. We slept in igloos, wore caribou skin clothing, ate raw caribou (Bill's doctor was not too thrilled with that) went ice fishing, and learned from the elders how things were done in the old days. If exposure to other cultures is the ultimate goal of travel, then this was the ultimate trip!.

Recently, Yvette went on a scuba diving expedition under the polar ice off Baffin Island, in Canada's High Arctic. This was ice diving with a few extra touches ... polar bears, narwhals and local Inuit hunters. The plan was to see if polar ice diving could be developed for tourists. Local village youths are being trained as divemasters, with the hope that this can help expand the newly formed Nunavut Territory's economy.

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